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Hipstamatic for IPhone and Ice Cream

I picked up my IPhone 3 almost one year ago now and I have to say the most fun I’ve had with it is taking pictures and sharing them right from my phone.  Now days there are so many free applications for the IPhone and some are a waste of time and can be deleted right away, while others are SO MUCH FUN!  I LOVE Hipstamatic for IPhone.  It’s a great snapshot photo app for all you imagery lovers out there.  It offers several more features for monetary upgrades, but I’ve opted to stick to the completely free version and have been able to capture some great shots with it.

Today my daughter Kelly was put to the challenge not once, but twice…went #2 on the potty and had a successful x-ray taken.  As a result of her accomplishments, I took her to Dairy Queen for her favorite treat…ice cream!  We had a great time ‘chatting’ and sharing ice cream 🙂

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