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It’s been so long since I’ve blogged…

Kelly is now almost 5 months old!  She weighed in a week ago at 16 lbs and 10 oz; once again topping the charts.  It has been a joy spending each day with her and watching her grow.  This blog highlights some of Kelly’s recent milestones:

First Plane Ride – Kelly and I flew to Fairbanks at the end of September for Traci’s birthday.  She flew so well!  Didn’t cry once and entertained the flight attendants, of course.  I tried nursing her both during take-off and landing both ways and since it’s only a 45 minute flight she tends to only want to eat going up or down, but not both.  So, the pacifier worked great too!  Wehoo!

First giggle – Jeremy was entertaining Kelly in Hawaii with her giraffe stuffed animal while I was in the room next door getting ready for the day (this was in Hawaii) and all of a sudden….she giggled!  First I heard Kelly giggle and then I heard Jeremy, “TINA!  COME HERE!”  It was precious!  Of course it was days before we heard it again, but still so neat to hear it for the first time.  She giggles a lot now and more easily when she’s tickled or in a super good mood and everythings funny to her.  Lilly barking tends to get her going sometimes…it’s a good thing her barking makes someone laugh, cause we’re often trying to avoid the barking.  Her giggles are music to my ears!

First roll – Kelly rolled from her belly to her back twice in one day for the first time ever.  She was laying on our bed while I was putting clothes away and I turned my back and turned around and she had rolled over!  So what did I do, rolled her back to her belly to see her do it again…and she did!  Such a big girl.

First taste of solid food – she was sitting on my lap at work a couple weeks ago and I was eating cantaloupe.  I noticed that with each bite I’d take, Kelly would mimic me with a wide open mouth and big eye balls!  Sooooo, I let her take a lick of cantaloupe and next thing I know she latched on and was sucking it dry!  She loved it.  That was her last taste of solids for a while.

First TOOTH!  About a week ago she cut her first tooth!  I remember I felt her gums that morning and at about 3p.m. I felt them again and there was a tooth!!!  It was so cool!  I was SO excited for her 😉  Her bottom left (my left) tooth came in first.  The one right next to it is on its way any day now. 

Sitting on her own – she’s almost mastered this skill.  She can sit on her own pretty good, but has to be monitored at all times.  She’s getting there…

I could go on and on, but these are some of her exciting milestones from the past couple months.  We’re getting ready to head to Fairbanks this next weekend for Christmas and I can’t wait!  Kelly is going to be a well traveled girl by the time she’s one years old.



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