Update on the Baldridge's

Hi All!  I realized after logging into my blog and seeing my last post was titled “Happy New Year” that it was time to update you.  I’m afraid to say that it appears Facebook has consumed all of my cyber time and therefore, I have neglected my family blog for  while.  I’ll do my best to keep up with it now that we are a little more settled in our new place.  Especially since I’m still working on converting ALL of you to Facebook for the most up-to-date photos and news from our family 🙂  I’ll keep working on you.

Well, as you you probably know by now, we have relocated to Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada.  Jeremy accepted a new position with ConocoPhillips and is really enjoying it so far.  He works in a neighboring town called Red Deer, about 15km East of here, and manages facilities all over the Western region of Canada.  He comes home every night with a much more positive attitude and is thoroughly enjoying it so far.  The company moved us and all of our belongings here, they helped find us a home to rent, they provide him a company vehicle, and they have done an excellent job overall of ‘taking care’ of us and ensuring our transition is as smooth as possible.  It’s been a great move so far.

Kelly and I arrived here on April 19th and we all stayed with a friend of ours named Lynne (Jeremy met her through the transition, as she works for the contracted company responsible for helping us get settled) for about two weeks.  She graciously opened her house up for us and was so accommodating.  We really feel like we’ve known her for years, as she is so kind and has such a big heart.  She has a 3 year old grandson, Jackson, who Kelly quickly became attached to too 🙂  We’ve met a lot of her family and are looking forward to going camping with one of her daughters (Jackson’s mom) and her family this weekend.  Everyone we’ve met so far has been so nice and welcoming!

Sylvan Lake is a very young community with lots of young moms around.  I’ve already been invited to join two ‘mommy groups’ that meet once a week and have easily located a few playgroups and activities like Mom and Tot swimming in our community.  It’s been really nice outside this week (like 75F) and the other day Kelly and I took a bike ride (she rode in our new bike trailer) to Subway and then down to the lake where we had a little picnic by the water.  The lake is beautiful and it’s less than a mile from our house!  We’ll enjoy that this summer!

On another note, Kelly is growing like a little weed!  She just started crawling tonight!  Luckily for these smartphones, I was able to catch the milestone on camera and share it with all of you.  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a way to post the video on here without upgrading my account for $60, so for those of you with facebook, check it out there for now. It makes me so proud to see her figure this out.  She has been trying to figure out how to make her legs and hands work together for a  couple weeks now!  And when she got it, she just took off like it was a piece of cake!  Amazing!

Tonight was a great night…I’m feeling very proud of the munchkin right now 🙂

Hope all is well!  Have a great weekend everyone! xoxox


  1. #1 by tutu on June 7, 2010 - 5:32 pm

    alway fun to read your blog!!!! and pictures are soooo cute!!!!!

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