Three Weeks Already?!

Kelly was three weeks old this past Monday and we’re on our way to her one month appointment next Monday!  I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since we were at the hospital meeting her for the first time.  She has changed so much in the past three weeks.  She’s becoming more alert and very observant of her surroundings.  She’s starting to smile, while she’s awake, and grin more.  And she also knows exactly how loud to scream to get what she wants…and QUICK!  I literally have seconds to start feeding her after she awakes or else! 🙂

Since we’ve had Kelly sleeping in our bedroom, we have learned that she is definitely the noisiest sleeper in the house.  She cries, laughs, grunts, screams, and snores in her sleep!  Some nights are worse than others, but 90% of the time she is making more noise in her sleep than she does when she’s awake.

Mom left last weekend after being here for a little more than a month.  This week has been somewhat challenging, being the first week alone in the house with Lilly our dog, and Kelly.  Lilly always wants to go play or go outside when I’m nursing…go figure.  She has also started to regress a little…she chewed my prescription glasses, a bottle of neosporin, and I sometimes find her sleeping on furniture she’s not allowed on.  The funny thing is that all this is occurring while I’m still in the house and maybe just in the room next door.  Frustrating.  She’s also made the guest bed her new favorite sleeping ground.  When I bring Kelly to bed at night, Lilly gets up and heads to the guest bedroom.  This was also where my mom slept while she was here.  Lilly became very attached to my mom when she stayed here and so I think she is missing her big time this week!  Better yet, we ALL miss her so much!

Here are some photos from the past week.  The ones of Lilly are at her favorite location near our house.  She loves to hide in the bushes and wait for you to throw a rock.  Then she bounces in the air watching for where it lands.  She’s doesn’t retrieve it, just returns to her starting spot to wait for the next rock 🙂  It’s hilarious to watch!

Hope everyone is doing well! xoxo

  1. #1 by Paige on August 27, 2009 - 10:16 am

    Love all the pics! I remember when Natalie was born, my cat of 10 years was very jealous!!! All of the sudden, he would do things that he never had done before, and he had to be right next to me when I would feed Nat. He also was VERY protective of her! 🙂

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