Mt. Redoubt…back from the dead

This past Sunday it was a beautiful clear day in Kenai.  Since all the hype about Mt. Redoubt erupting, they have since decreased the warning level and the mountain has calmed down for now…or so we thought.  On Sunday the mountain kept venting huge clouds throughout the day.  There was a constant string of clouds coming from the peak all day long.  Then, at about 8:00p.m. I looked out back and say a mushroom could coming from the peak!  I quickly grabbed my camera, but didn’t have enough time to set up the tripod (so the pics are a little fuzzy) and caught this:


Well, in Monday’s newspaper it said that on Sunday, Mt. Redoubt showed evidence of a small eruption.  They said it was mostly steam and rock.  Just before the last eruption they said they experienced several small eruptions before the big one too!  In addition, we’ve been experiencing little earth quakes.  So, I guess we’re not off the hook after all!

We stocked up on bottled water, car air filters and we have our masks ready just in case!  Here are photos from today…

march-2009-023 march-2009-021

  1. #1 by Crissy on March 17, 2009 - 10:13 pm

    How awesome!

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