Lilly's 1st Birthday

What do you do for your dogs birthday?  Well, at the Baldridge’s house we have cake and presents!  Lilly’s first birthday was today and we didn’t feel right about not giving her a special day.  I did some research online and found a cake recipe for her.  We went shopping last night and she got a few extra toys too!  She was so confused when we put the big pan with a huge cake in front of her!  Don’t worry, we only let her lick the peanut butter off and take a couple bites.

She had a good birthday and that’s all that counts!

       Introduction to the cake

img_5826.jpg      img_5831.jpg


  1. #1 by Tina on November 25, 2007 - 12:38 am

    This is something I totally would do..This is so cute!!

  2. #2 by Crissy on November 19, 2007 - 11:01 pm

    Where’s her party hat? When Buddy turned 1 I made him where a party hat while he ate his cake! Looks like she had fun w/ the cake! Tell her I said “Happy Birthday”

  3. #3 by Marydee on November 19, 2007 - 8:20 am

    Oh Tina!! I get such a kick out of your Lilly stories!! She is SO adorable and your photography is awesome!! What a PERFECT closeup shot you guys caught with her tongue out, cute little whiskers, & looking out the corner of her eyes! And hey!!…I love your new tile floor too!! Very nice!! :o)

  4. #4 by Paige on November 16, 2007 - 12:10 pm

    oh my gosh..that is hilarious! I just love the cake! Just curious..what did the recipe call for???? Happy Birthday Lilly!!! Paige

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