A Big Day for Lilly


Today was an exciting day to wake up to.  We awoke this morning to a beautiful white wonderland.  Our blanket of snow covered the trees and ground overnight and it is so pretty today.  When I let Lilly out in the morning she was a little unsure about the snow.  I don’t think she remembered it from last winter.  She was tiptoeing around a lot and had no interest in wasting any time outside…until this afternoon. 

I took her outside to go for a walk and we ended up just playing around in the yard for a while.  She discovered the snow is pretty fun and was racing around and rolling in it!  She can’t get enough of it now.  Well, that was the fun part of the day…

img_5776.jpg         img_5759.jpg         img_5773.jpg          img_5780.jpg         img_5765_cropped.jpg   

With Lilly we have learned to value the good times and learn from the bad, in hopes that she does the same.  However, I am yet to explain the reasoning behind this behavior.  She has a fetish with my prescription glasses.  I keep them out of reach, so I thought, and she always finds them.  The pair I got last year were chewed to pieces this summer.  I was due for an appointment and my prescription had changed, so I had to get a new pair anyways.  I had the new pair for about a month before Lilly found those.  She chewed the temples off and just barely scratched the side of one lense.  The plan was to save the lenses and get a new frame in Anchorage this weekend.  Well…today, she found them again and completely destroyed them during a five minute phone call.  It’s been a BIG DAY FOR LILLY…

 img_5745.jpg      img_5747.jpg    

  1. #1 by Aunt JOY on October 30, 2007 - 10:27 am

    I have been wanting new furniture and floor coverings. Perhaps Lilly could come and stay with her Auntie JOY and I’ll get on the phone for as long as necessary…
    Let’s arrange a playdate- ASAP!

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