Tough Decisions

I recently got a phone call regarding an Executive Director position available for our local Chamber of Commerce.  After interviewing for it this week, I’m now pondering what I should do if offered the job. 

The advantages: the pay is decent for this area, it would be a great resume builder, I’m familiar with the organization and its mission, I would gain a lot of experience and meet plenty of important community leaders. 

The drawbacks: won’t get to work from home anymore, plans to start my own business will be put on the back burner, and my current and ongoing projects for a locally owned magazine would have to be given up or extremely limited.   I like what I’m doing right now, but a consistent income and a title like “Executive Director” is appealing long-term. 

I was told they would make a decision by early next week.  So, until then and IF they offer me the job…

what do you think? 

  1. #1 by Traci Foster on October 13, 2007 - 12:43 am

    As an aspiring entrepreneur, I would normally go for the ownership opportunity. But, because I haven’t seen your business plan, I have no idea what you’ve forecasted for future sales and growth. So, look over your business plan and compile a few basic points to help you decide. If you can make a substantial amount of profit after only one or two year(s), chances are that it can be put off for a few years. Which would give you great opportunity to get to know your community while adding a pretty prestigous experience point to your resume. In the future, other business owners would recognize and acknowledge this position when researching the service you offer.

    Ask yourself: “how much of a commitment is this “Executive Director” position? If I commit for 10 years, will I regret never pursuing my business idea?”

    As your sister, please remember, the title means nothing; the only thing that means anything in this life is your happiness….

    Good Luck! I Love You!

  2. #2 by Sarah on October 12, 2007 - 1:02 pm

    How close in the future will you be hearing “pitter-patter”. If you think you have couple of years to work on resume building, then I see many benefits. It will be easier now than in a few years. However, if you are thinking it will be in a year or so, maybe spend this time to get your business established. It is really hard to go back to working outside the home when you have a permanent commitment at home.

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